New Two Doors Solution for our Beaconsfield Shop!!

I’m gonna open the door and it’s gonna look very different guys, so I might actually turn the camera around. And do this. So you can see we now have a vestibule area. To opening of the shop. I’m gonna duck in here, why’s everybody standing right here? I’m gonna turn the camera around and give you a look back this way, there’s Jude and Ats. 


And there’s the front door there guys. So a little bit of a different approach so now when you pop into the store the same as chatswood, well we can check ID, we can talk to you about what you’re after, we can confirm that your here to view vape products and stuff and then we take you through the light grey curtain so you see we’ve got dark gray, don’t go dark gray is DG dark gray is “don’t go”, light gray is LG “life’s good”, so we’re gonna go through..  that was dad joke as hell Jude was trying to work out where I was gonna go. 


LJ life’s good, okay lucky guys, get lucky lucky lucky go. I don’t know anyway. Look at that too much nicotine or something so, I should stand over here and show you the new shop. I’m gonna show you from the back forward so the tasting bar as you guys have seen before but the shop itself.. lights are on! I can see in the cabinets, so we’ve moved all our cabinets over here guys against the wall, we have our staff only area down the back there, which is our storage area for our juice and all that kind of stuff. 

And then on the other side of the shop we’re Jude is proudly displaying the comfort setting. We have the chill out couches, the water cooler and the DIY (the concentrate bar) here guys, so just to give you a look at it, so Jenny has actually taken some really freaking amazing photos of the store today, there’s Jenny, say hello Jenny! 


Jenny took some really amazing photos of the store today, she’s like pieced together some photos with her iPhone which apparently I can do on my phone, but Jenny’s already done it. Jenny’s gonna show us. It looks amazing, we are gonna we’re gonna get that posted up somewhere because it’s too good not to look at it’s it’s amazing! this is cookie! – and that’s cookie- that’s Jenny’s Dog!

If you want to see Jenny’s dog cookie, pop on into The Steamery at Parramatta at some point in time Jenny does pop in with cookie on the occasion, cookie will pop over and give you a sniff and then go back and lay down.. that’s that’s cookies life, that’s that’s the life of a frenchie!, To all my French friends and to anybody French watching, I love you. I hope we see some of you on here but that is the French lifestyle ….. 


I’m gonna turn this around I’m gonna show you these guys switch kits! There’s switch kits back guys, so if you’re after a switch kit please jump on and check them out, I will double check that the stock has gone in,  I will talk to you about this again as well… 


ten dollar clearance juices and five dollar clearance juices, so thirty mill clearance and this stuff is just stock that we we’re moving on so that we can free up the shelf space, check out these cabinets now guys, remember we had the black on the outside there’s still a couple of little things that we need to tidy up so this one’s still at the black backing on but we’ve got to pull that off. 


But you can now see in the cabinets from both above and below and through the side. And the whole point of part of the live feed.


Come by or Beaconsfield store and treat yourself with the finest e-liquids in Sydney! 

Google maps link:


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